5 Different Ways to Cook Quinoa

For the last couple of years, Quinoa was the standout kitchen grain.  Now overexposed by the food magazine and foodblog world, it’s been displaced by trendier grains like Freekeh, Amaranth and Farro.  So if you still have pounds of quinoa in your pantry, here’s a roundup of a couple my favorite quinoa recipes from the blog….

One thing I really like about quinoa is that it’s a super versatile leftover.  Make an extra 2 or 3 cups next time and then you’ll save yourself a lot of time a few nights later when you do something totally different with it.

This is by far the most pedestrian of preparations, but it shows how quickly you can turn some leftover quinoa and a jar of salsa into a super easy side dish.

Easily the franchise player of this blog has been these Loaded Veggie Quinoa Sliders.  They’re vegetarian, kid friendly and really tasty.

Quinoa for Breakfast?  That’s crazy!  Well, not really, it’s surprisingly tasty and quite filling.  Mix in egg and meat and it’s unstoppable.

And finally, there’s quinoa soup.  This is another delicious vegetarian recipe using lentils and quinoa with just the right amount of spices.



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