Recipe Assumptions

For all recipes I post, there are a number of assumptions I make, especially around quantity when I don’t indicate an amount.  Please keep these in mind as there would be a lot of repetition on my recipes if I had to include these items every single time.

  • Salt is always Kosher
  • Butter is always unsalted
  • Stock is always Low Sodium – and doesn’t contain MSG
  • You can “Salt and Pepper to taste” whenever you’d like, and you should do it often
  • Liquid and Solid measurements (unless it includes the word “baking” in the ingredient name) are approximate.  Use what tastes right
  • Ovens are always preheated well ahead of time
  • Herbs are always fresh.  If you sub out dried herbs, use quite a bit less
  • Garlic. Use a lot. Your call on the quantity
  • Juice is always freshly squeezed.  Lemon juice from concentrate in those little plastic lemons just doesn’t cut it
  • Soy Sauce should be legitimate soy sauce that says “naturally brewed” on the label and be made from fermented soy beans.  If the top ingredients are caramel, corn syrup and water, move along.

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